Cypher Analytica - About Us

Cypher Analytica has been working in Data Analytics and Data Science domain for more than 20 years. Cypher advanced analytics and our experts combine cutting-edge techniques with the latest tools to ensure breakthrough results. They work across all industries. However, they focus on three disciplines—primary research, advanced analytics, and Big Data.

Cypher Analytica Consulting Services help clients by making data simpler to access. In addition, they assist companies in understanding and improving data-driven business outcomes. Cypher Analytica specializes in digital insights and business intelligence. It also offers cognitive solutions for data lakes and analytics-as-a-service. Data scientists in the company must have a durable passion to apply data analytics in solving diverse problems. You will also be exposed to new technologies and will gather large-scale projects experience.

Cypher Analytica offers PhD data analysis help are perfectly armed to help you fight this challenge. Most of the statistical analysis for research are done by SPSS and R Studio.

Cypher Analytica also provides corporate training. Our Data Science corporate training will be the best for all your organization's analytics specific needs. Our training program includes different training scenarios & the organizations can get to pick from 4-5 days workshop session to a multi-week training program that will be covering all the in-depth learning modules of this field.

Cypher Analytica has designed world-class courses for statistical analysis, data analytics, business analytics, machine learning, deep learning, NLP and business intelligence to develop your understanding of Data Science concepts and build powerful models to generate useful business insights or predictions. It is a knowledge-packed professional learning experience that includes a cutting-edge curriculum, real-business projects and case studies, and tech-enabled education. Our courses go a long way towards helping you unlock lucrative career opportunities in the coveted fields of Data Science and Business Analytics.